Thursday, September 18, 2008

Technical Commission: no engine failure in Russian jet crash

The Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) today announced the latest data on the plane crash in Perm on 14 September.

"According to the transcripts and study of the fragments of the aircraft engines, and contrary to eyewitness report, there was no fire nor explosion of the aircraft in the air. Both engines were working properly before the crash" - says the report of the Technical Commission. (Двигатели «Боинга-737-500» работали до столкновения с землей Оглашены новые подробности расследования авиакатастрофы в Перми)

Engines of crashed Boeing-737-500 "were not burned, did not explode and worked until the collision with the land" say the investigators. (Двигатели разбившегося "Боинга-737-500" не горели, не взрывались и работали до самого столкновения с землей, говорится в материалах расследования.)

The cause of the crash was not a technical problem - these are the preliminary conclusions of the commission. (Причиной авиакатастрофы стала вовсе не техническая неисправность – таковы предварительные выводы комиссии.) (Source)

According to data received after decoding and analyzing parts of the aircraft's engines at the crash site, no evidence of an engine fire or the jet's consequential destruction in the air was detected. Both engines worked up until the airplane collided with the earth, the Interstate Aviation Committee reported today.
Despite serious damage to the recorder's mechanism, information from flight data recorders installed in the Boeing-737 airplane that crashed in Perm on September 14 has been retrieved. Experts from the committee are currently working on the recorder's decoding.
Furthermore, a technical commission is also currently working on determining the causes of the crash.


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