Friday, February 08, 2008

No, it's not Silent Night, sorry. It's Pallywood in action

The day has been a hectic one so far, but the guys and gals in the blogosphere always manage to keep me amused with their messages and emails. I have just received this one from Liberali per Israeli and I thought I would post it here to cheer you all up!

Have a good look at this photo, which appeared in almost every newspaper in the world as an example of how Israel is the main cause of the suffering of people in Gaza.

Firstly, Israel must be the only country stupid enough to provide its sworn
enemies with power, medical facilities, fuel supplies,etc., so that Hamas
can become more efficient in killing Israelis; why are NATO and the USA not
providing similar services to the Taliban, or to Al Kaida for that matter? In
any case, Israel supplies only 25% of the available Gaza power requirements.

Now let us examine the attached photo, which depicts the Hamas government
meeting by candle light due to shortage of electricity, caused by Israel,
of course. Well? did you observe anything unusual? No? You surprise me.
Have a look at the blue curtain on the left, and the door at the back of
the room; when the picture was taken, IT WAS BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Also that complex is not connected to the Israeli grid, and it has its own
power generator and power distribution - as all major government facilities
do, and have, all over the world! Oh, yes - have a look at the candles; none have dripped so far...And why are they all reading? can they?
Conclusion: this blatantly fabricated photo was willingly swallowed by the
Media - line hook and sinker!
What happened to perceptive journalism?



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