Monday, December 29, 2008

Latvia is for sale

Well, according to the petitioner it is.

(KP-Елена ЧИНКОВА 29.12.2008 21:51)

The financial crisis that adversely affects the economy of this small country, pushed one of the local residents to an unprecedented step: in an anonymous letter, he asks Roman Abramovich to buy his own country. Such a purchase for a Russian oligarch, according to the author, is not only prestigious, but also profitable.

«Dear Arkadievich Roman Abramovich. As you probably already know, my home country of Latvia went bankrupt and is currently negotiating with the IMF the sale of our state for 7.5 billion euros. Given all the previous achievements of my Government, I can confidently state that the money will be spent in utopistic projects (type: Castle of Light... etc.) and the standard of living of the population will fall below the plinths. I ask you to consider buying Latvia: hard-working people will make sure there will be a lot of places to park your yacht », - said in a letter posted on the site .

Can you believe there are already 583 signatures?!


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