Thursday, April 06, 2006

Italy: running the enemy out of the country

Italian interior minister Giuseppe Pisanu said on Thursday that security forces prevented two terrorist attacks against the church of San Petronio in Bologna and Milan's underground rail system. Pisanu said seven people were involved in the plot and that three were expelled from the country, two were arrested, one is under police surveillance and another is on the run.
"Now I can say it: there was a terror project against our country and the control and prevention action of our police was able to foil it"
Pisanu said on the sidelines of a rally in Cagliari of the leading cabinet party, Forza Italia, ahead of a general election over the weekend.

"The operation was successfully carried out. There was a terrorism project which was quickly discovered, also thanks to the precious cooperation of allies"
Pisanu said.

Pisanu did not give any further details on the plot.

"Our prevention system, based on the relentless control of the territory and suspected milieus, has once again proven to be quite efficient."

There is still a long way to go, dear Signor Pisanu!
Unsuspectable enemies roam the country and they are not muslims!
The puppeteers are beyond the Alps. They hate to see Italy outperforming them. They hate Berlusconi's coalition for bringing in overdue reforms that are transforming the country into a highly respectable Republic!


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