Monday, December 31, 2007

B'Tselem releases its year-end report

According to the figures published in the organization's annual report, in 2007 (up to 29 December), Israeli security forces killed 373 Palestinians (290 in Gaza , 83 in the West Bank ), 53 among them minors. By comparison, in 2006, 657 Palestinians were killed, including 140 minors: 523 in Gaza , 134 in the West Bank.

We can therefore confirm that the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in 2007 has fallen by almost two-thirds compared to the figure for 2006.

But what I find astonishing is another set of data from B'Tselem:
"In intra-Palestinian fighting, at least 344 persons were killed, almost all in the Gaza Strip in the first six months of the year. At least 73 of the dead, among them 22 minors, were not taking part in the fighting."

According to these figures, we can safely conclude that Hamas is killing far more Palestinians than the IDF (almost double).


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