Monday, February 04, 2008

Barbarians at the Gate

Terror in Dimona
At least 3 people one person (see update below) has been killed in a suicide bombing in Dimona, with another 8 people moderately wounded. (Israellycool)

Hamas: Dimona attack a 'heroic act'

Sources in Strip confirm two bombers who carried out attack in southern Israeli city came from Gaza. Palestinian President Abbas condemns 'Israeli military operation in Qabatiya just as he condemns operation that took place in Dimona' (YNET)

Fatah: Bombers infiltrated Israel through Egypt
In Gaza press conference, members of Fatah's military wing, PFLP say suicide bombers who carried out Dimona attack entered Sinai from Strip. 'Attack has been planned for a month, but was only made possible due to breach in border,' says al-Aqsa Brigades spokesman. Meanwhile, Egypt detains Palestinian carrying explosives in Rafah (YNET)

Yishai calls for suspending negotiations
Israel should suspend all negotiations with the Palestinians and reconsider taking control of the Philadelphi Corridor along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip following Monday's terror attack in Dimona, which was purportedly carried out by infiltrators from Gaza, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai said. (JP)

Dimona Mayor: 'Life Will No Longer Be Routine'
( One woman was murdered and at least 20 people were wounded; one critically injured, three moderately and the rest lightly injured in Monday morning's suicide bombing attack on the Negev city of Dimona. The city is also home to Israel's nuclear reactor.
“Every resident of Dimona today finds himself in a new reality,” said Dimona Mayor Meir Cohen after the suicide bombing that ripped apart his city’s commercial center Monday morning. “Life will no longer be routine.” (ArutzSheva)

Olmert: There is war in the south
Kadima Party holds meeting prior to Knesset plenum on Winograd, receives somber reports from prime minister who states ‘there is an incessant war between us and the terrorists, it never stops’ (YNET)


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