Friday, February 29, 2008

'USS Cole' sent to Lebanese coast

The United States has sent the USS Cole warship to the coast of Lebanon in a "show of support" for regional stability, US officials said today.

A senior Bush administration official said the US was concerned about the political deadlock in Lebanon, which Washington blames on Syrian interference.

"The United States believes a show of support is important for regional stability. We are very concerned about the situation in Lebanon. It has dragged on very long," said the senior official, who spoke on condition anonymity. (IrishTime)

Meanwhile, Hizbullah rejected the deployment of U.S. warships off the coast of Lebanon, calling it a threat to Lebanese sovereignty and independence that will not affect the Shiite group.

"We are facing an American threat against Lebanon," Hizbullah legislator Hasan Fadlallah said. "It is clear this threat and intimidation will not affect us," he said on local television. (Naharnet)

Latest News: Three other Navy vessels are
also heading to the Mediterranean as part of a regularly scheduled deployment: the USS Ross destroyer, the USS Nassau amphibious assault ship and the USS Philippine Sea cruiser.


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