Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is this the most anti-semitic film of the century?

Hate Speech Charges Brought Against Cherepovets Orthodox Library for Screening Antisemitic Film (April 10, 2008)

Prosecutors in Cherepovets, Russia (Vologda region) opened an investigation into the screening of an antisemitic film at a Russian Orthodox Church affiliated library, according to an April 9, 2008 report by the Interfax news agency. The library screened the film "Russia With a Knife in its Back: Jewish Fascism and the Genocide of the Russian People" throughout 2007, despite the fact that the Federal Registration Service lists it as banned extremist material. Local prosecutors assert that the film "contains statements aimed at inciting hatred and enmity, and humiliates the dignity of Jews based on their ethnicity, origin, and attitude towards religion." (Fsumonitor)

Librarian Fired for Screening Antisemitic Film (April 16, 2008)

An employee of a library affiliated with the Cherepovets, Russia diocese of the
Russian Orthodox Church has been fired, according to an April 15, 2008 report by Prosecutors in Cherepovets opened an investigation into the screening of "Russia With a Knife in its Back: Jewish Fascism and the Genocide of the Russian People." The employee showed the film several times throughout 2007. (Fsumonitor)
(From Simply Jews: The Labor of Hate-Part 1)

The movie clearly shows that:

1)The blood libel case is only a single incident in a well-organized anti-Semitic campaign
2)The campaigners are numerous and occupy positions of power and influence in modern Russia
3)The worst and more revolting incidents in rich Russian tradition of anti-Semitic libel are alive and well, being tirelessly revived

The introduction to the movie declares its purpose unequivocally:

To Russian people - now duped, occupied and robbed by a cruel and cynical gang of disparate anti-Russian bastards, that occupied corridors of power, the media, publishing houses and banks, ministerial cabinets and parliament chairs… This is a film about the devastating Jewish dominance in modern Russia. The film is about a Jewish fascism and purposeful genocide of Russian people, about diabolical satanic cult of Talmudic Judaism, its terrible inhumane faith. Our film is about a Russian hope for a quick escape from the yoke of hateful enemy. It's about the traitors of the Russian people and about Russian heroes. About selfish collaborators and about people devoted to the Russian spirit and the Russian national liberation movement.

Watch who is behind the guns:

Konstantin Dushenov, the main drive behind the production and its anchor, is a chief editor of a paper "Orthodox Russia". A quote from the man to establish his credentials:

Denigrators and haters of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ send us, the Russian people, their curse, not only from the synagogues of Tel Aviv and Haifa. No. Now many of them are sitting in the spacious government's and Duma's cabinets in the heart of Russia, Moscow. And until they sit there, we will all die slowly in the stench of captivity under kikes' brutal anti-Russian, anti-believer yoke.

Continues here: Simply Jews

a)Russian link to the film!
b)Russian link to the film!
c)Russian link to the film!


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