Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Israeli war in May, according to Syria

April 15, 2008-Yalibnan

At least that is what Syrian officials are saying publicly and that they claim Israel will start the war in either late May or mid-June. This of course could be just an official line to deceive the enemy as Syria may actually be preparing its own offensive as it held nationwide drills last week in response to Israel's own emergency maneuvers that were also conducted last week.

Iranian PressTV is reporting Syrian officials have been making their defensive position known through Qatar's al-Watan newspaper and that during Israel's recent maneuvers they were closely monitored by a high ranking American general. His name was not mentioned but it could have been Air Force Lieutenant-General William Fraser the high level military liaison between the Pentagon and Jerusalem. It is quite possible Washington has placed warships off the Syria-Lebanon coast for joint operations with Israel against Syria.

However Debka is reporting Damascus has just deployed its 10th armored corps at the Massaneh crossing at Mount Hermon adjacent to and northwest of the 14th division which has been in position since last month on the Lebanon/Israel border. Syria now has troops stretching from its border with the central Lebanese mountains in a crescent running south to the Golan Heights.
According to Israel's Northern Command the Syrian troops are prepared to quickly move into attack mode. This is why I doubt these statements from Syrian officials as to how defensive they are. I suspect they have planned, along with Tehran, to enter the next war right after Hezbollah starts it.
Damascus may have decided, at least since 2006, to never let Israel attack first again as in June 1967, which caught Syria completely off guard and enabled Israel to capture the strategic Golan Heights in just six days.


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