Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jerusalem? Arab Capital of Culture 2009

The Arab League declared Jerusalem the Arab Cultural Capital for 2009, based upon the UNESCO Cultural Capital Program.

Jordanian Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Monday approved the formation of a higher committee to celebrate occupied Jerusalem as the “capital of Arab culture” in 2009, according to an official statement. The panel, to be chaired by Culture Minister Adel Tuwaisi, includes representatives from other ministries and state-run institutions as well as the Council of Churches in Jordan. Arab culture ministers, who met earlier in Muscat in the sultanate of Oman, “chose occupied Jerusalem as capital of Arab culture for the year 2009,” Tuwaisi said. “The celebrations will be shared by Arab capitals as well as the Palestinian Territories,” he added. (The

At the excitement has already reached fever pitch. Read about their "cultural" objectives by clicking this link!

Al-Jazeera remains "neutral" on the subject (wink!):
"By selecting Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture the Arab League is sending a clear message to the world that the Arabic identity of Jerusalem will withstand the persistent attempts by Israel to impose a Jewish identity on the city.
Although some events will have to take place outside the city to avoid Israeli restrictions, Palestinians are going to celebrate the title despite the Israeli objections."


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