Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lebanese Ambassador announces release of "very serious information on Hezbollah"

Former ambassador has a surprise for Lebanon on Hezbollah

Saturday, 19 April, 2008

Beirut - Former Lebanese ambassador and intelligence chief Johnny Abdo announced the upcoming release of "very serious information on Hezbollah incursions on the heart of Lebanese institutions," which he said he expected in two weeks' time.

"This incursion began in communications and in northern Metin, small parts of the Shouf, and much of the North," he added.
Abdo said whoever was to uncover the information was under the threat of assassination, confirming the appearance of a "state-within-the-state," or Hezbollah's zones and rights within Lebanon (check my article: "Why is Hizbullah building these massive fortifications?") .

In an interview with Radio Free Lebanon, Abdo said that Lebanon risked sudden security incidents. "If one of the important leaders is assassinated, it will be difficult to control the Lebanese arena, because assassinations begin and end with a decision."
"Such an incursion started in the communications (sector) and in areas like the Metin and the north. Hizbullah has little presence in the Chouf, but lots of presence in the north," Abdo said.

The person who exposes such information "faces the death threat," added Abdo, an ex-director of Lebanon's military intelligence.
The former intelligence chief said he foresaw change in Syrian foreign policy, which he said was formulated by Speaker Nabih Berri.
"If Army Commander General Michel Sleiman is no longer a compromise candidate, there remains no compromise or consensual candidates," he added.
Abdo said Free Patriotic Movement leader General Michel Aoun was "embarrassed by his present, and to escape his present runs back to the past." Abdo said this was thereason Aoun "opened things better left unopened."

On the disappearance of Muhammad Zuhair Al-Saddiq in France earlier this month, Abdo said the International Tribunal was the sole force which could determine whether the witness had given real or false testimonies.
Saddiq resided in France, where he was under protection as the main witness to the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri in 2005. France has denied any role in his disappearance.
Abdo recalled detained Major General Jamil Al-Sayyed's statement to Justice Minister Charles Rizk and George Bashir, a journalist, in which he had said that the slain Hariri and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Joumblatt would be joining Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea in prison. (YALIBNAN)


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