Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lebanon's Army Chief: if Israel attacks we join Hizbullah

It sounds unbelievable, but that is exactly what the Lebanese army chief, Gen. Michel Suleiman, said in an interview with As-Safir, Arabic political daily newspaper from Lebanon (link to article here).

"The Army will join the resistance if an Israeli aggression occurred against Lebanon, the aggression will not be a picnic and the army will retreat." (Gen. Michel Suleiman)

Gen. Suleiman, who is scheduled to retire on Nov. 21, said he would not wait until the last day of his military service before stepping down if the deadlock on the Lebanese presidential election is not broken. Instead, he would quit as army chief on Aug. 21 by taking accumulated vacation days, As-Safir reported.

The paper described the decision as "a highly explosive political bomb" that could scuttle an Arab proposal to solve the crisis. The plan, adopted in January, calls for electing Suleiman as a consensus president, forming of a national unity government and adopting a new electoral law. (Source)


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