Friday, June 27, 2008

Iran: US accountable for Sardasht chemical attack

Yet more drivel from Tehran

Tehran, June 27, IRNA

Iran's Foreign Ministry on Friday condemned the 1987 chemical bombardment of Sardasht, a city northwest of Iran, by former Iraqi Baathist regime and said perpetrators of the crime will eventually be brought to book.

"The brave Iranian nation will never leave victims of the chemical attack in Sardasht alone and will bring the culprits to book," read the Foreign Ministry statement, issued on the National Day of Campaign against the Biological and Chemical Weapons.

The statement held the then US rulers and other states supporting Saddam accountable for the crime and said, "Now the US and certain European states are running forward with an effort to change the position of the convict with the victim." It said Sardasht tragedy is in fact recurrence of similar incident in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, masterminded by the US warlords, who then served as main supporters of Saddam.

It called on the international community to abide by their moral and humanitarian duty and launch continued efforts to fully dismantle chemical weapons, try and punish the agents behind the chemical crime, and compensate the damage thus inflicted on the chemical victims.
Located in northwestern West Azarbaijan Province, the Kurdish town of Sardasht was struck by Iraqi chemical weapons on June 28, 1987, and many civilians were hence injured.

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