Friday, June 20, 2008

Lebanese PM describes Hezbollah behavior "Shameful"

BEIRUT, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Lebanese prime minister-designate Fouad Seniora hinted to Hezbollah's reactions regarding Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa farms as "shameful", local Elnashra website reported Friday.
"Some factions behave as if they want Israel to remain in Lebanon, this is shameful", Seniora told reporters without mentioning Hezbollah by name.
"Why should we behave as if we are scared that Israel is pulling out of the farms", he added.
His statement was in reply to Hezbollah reaction Thursday, regarding efforts by the Lebanese government to achieve an Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa farms, south of Lebanon, by placing them under UN auspices.
Hezbollah had made it clear Thursday saying that it will not give up its arms even if Israel pulls out of the disputed Shebaa farms.
Hezbollah was the only Lebanese group which did not hand over its weapons in 1989, according to the Taef accord which ended Lebanon's 15 years of civil war.
Hezbollah has been holding on to its arms under the pretext of resisting Israel, and until all Lebanese territories are liberated.

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