Friday, July 18, 2008

Iran: US threat 'serious'

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Fri, 18 Jul 2008

Commander of IRGC's ground force Mohammad-Jafar Asadi has described recent US threats against the Islamic Republic as direct and serious. “Western countries, particularly the United States, have been threatening Iran since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, yet recent threats are critically different from those of the past 30 years,” said the Brigadier-General. Over the past thirty years, they hid in the shadows and set their mercenaries to act against Iran, General Asadi said adding, today they step out on the field themselves and make direct threats. The Iranian commander, however, asserted that the US and western states understand quite clearly that any military strike against the country will meet a crushing response from our prepared military forces. The Bush administration has repeatedly warned Iran that a military drive against the Islamic Republic remains an option in the event that Iran continues its enrichment program. (Press TV)


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