Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jordan prosecutor charges Fitna maker

(Iribnews-July 1, 2008)

A Jordanian prosecutor charged Dutch MP Geert Wilders on Tuesday with blasphemy and violation of publishing laws over his anti-Islamic film.

Jordan's publishing laws ban insults against Islam and religions. The charges also include defamation and violation of online publishing laws, according to Tarek Hawamdeh, a lawyer for some 30 Jordanian media organizations which filed an official complaint earlier this month seeking court action against Wilders.

Wilders's 17-minute film "Fitna" ("discord" in Arabic), accuses the Muslim holy book, the Koran of promoting terrorism.

Punishment could be up to three years in jail. Wilders has been summoned to appear before the court. He will be given 15 days to comply, otherwise, an arrest warrant might be issued through the Interpol," Hawamdeh told AFP.

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