Monday, April 21, 2008

Hezbollah landline network uncovered


The Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal said that Hezbollah’s private network of landlines is no longer restricted to southern villages and the border with Israel, but also exists in the city of Saida.
According to the daily, Hezbollah tried to benefit from a Japanese-funded rehabilitation project implemented by the Arab Company for Civil Services that was carried out in cooperation with regional municipalities and stretches 48 kilometers to the caza of Jezzine and Iqlim Al-Touffeh.

Hezbollah members working at night caught the attention of citizens who called the Lebanese army and security forces.
An investigation of the location revealed that Hezbollah was trying to set up a network of landlines. The work was put on hold for some time, and no additional information is available.

The daily reported talk about the existence of a network that has already been set up in the ancient area of the city, but it remains unclear whether it was established in coordination with the city or any other faction.
An official from the telephone company Ogero confirmed that Hezbollah is setting up private landlines in some regions and is using state-owned cables in other regions.
A well-informed political source told the daily that Hezbollah has strengthened its landline network and is using sophisticated technology that enables it to tap the calls of the Lebanese army and security services.

“Hezbollah is able to tap more than 80% of landlines and cellular phone lines. It is possible that the party is also taping the calls from the Grand Serial from its tents in downtown Beirut,” the source told the daily. (NowLebanon)


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