Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hezbollah has revealed its colors

Beirut-(YaLibnan-June 25,2008)

The Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheikh Mohammed Ali al-Jouzou said that Hezbollah is using the Resistance as a pretext to put the state and its institutions, including the Lebanese army, in its service.

"Hezbollah wants to impose its anarchic and aggressive policy on all Lebanese," Jouzou said.
"Who will protect the Lebanese people and the residents of Beirut from the weapons, the hatred and the arrogance of Hezbollah?" he asked.
"Who will save Lebanon from the Iranian-Shia project?"
He also rejected any apology from Hezbollah to the residents of Beirut, "because we only accept apologies from those who have self respect."
"Hezbollah has revealed its true colors. It pointed its arms against its own people, while it completely failed to protect South Lebanon and Beirut's southern suburbs from Israeli missiles, which destroyed them completely," Jouzou said.

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