Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahmadinejad: Iran can rank 1st in world economy in a short term

Tuesday July 22, 2008 IRNA

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that Iran could rank first in economy in a short time relying on national will and potentials.
Addressing a meeting with senior economic officials from private sector as well as other economic bodies, the president said negative words had no impact on the strong will of the Iranian nation to reach economic progress.
"The words 'we cannot' and 'it is not possible' are meaningless vis-a-vis the strong will of the Iranian nation. We can quickly rank first at the world economy," stressed the president.
The President met the economic officials to brief them on a plan which aims to pay subsidies directly to the people.
"The plan is based on seven key points" which would guarantee removing the existing problems on the way of the country's economic development, added the president.
He noted that his government was committed to remove "heavy bureaucratic procedures" from the way of those active in producing sector.
President Ahmadinejad stressed that success of any plan "requires collective support and cooperation" of all nation.
Referring to the public support for government's economic, political and cultural plans the president stressed, "No measure would reach a successful end without people's cooperation." He also stressed that "some domestic and external pressures could not block government and nation's move towards progress.

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