Friday, September 19, 2008

Pak survey of toilets

I can't believe I'm reporting this, but I find it so amusing...!

Pakistanis declare war on Bush's war-on-terror in public loos!

Karachi News.Net-Friday 19th September, 2008 (ANI)

Rawalpindi, Sept 19 : The inside walls of toilets in Rawalpindi, be they in the universities, government offices, bus stands or airports, have become a platform for venting anti-US and anti-Bush feelings. They are inscribed with filthy anti-America and anti-Bush messages, and in some even Musharraf is rebuked, while others are written in words that can not be quoted.

Some of the samples of messages written on the walls are: "Yeh Bush Ka Ghar Hai" (This is Bush's House), "Down with America", "Down with Israel" and so on.

After a survey of toilets, The News reported that public toilets are a place where one can enjoy the freedom of expressing oneself in any manner one pleases. The message may be humorous, filthy, political, outrageous or even abusive - no one will stop you from giving vent to your feelings. No one will dub you a traitor and send you behind the bars.

This is one place where you enjoy unfettered freedom of expression, said the paper.

"What wrong Taliban did in putting an effort for implementing Islamic system in the country," reads a comment written on a wall inside Allama Iqbal Open University. The question is answered in another comment stated underneath: "Islam is not what Taliban were trying to impose."

Another message written inside the public toilet of a mosque read: "Women who do not dress properly would be burnt inside hell."

According to the paper, most of the comments written on the walls of public toilets within universities are an expression of students' anger against the administration or university officials. While some of the writings are humorous, others are outrageous and not worthy of being reproduced.

The paper said that in ancient times, people who were ruled by tyrants would go to a jungle and reveal everything inside their bosom to the silent tree.

"Expressing one's feelings inside public toilets is perhaps a way of perpetuating this lore. Whatever the case, messages inscribed on the walls of public toilets make a very interesting study indeed," said the paper.


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