Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ukrainian Security Service checks info on attempted assassination of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko

( Sept)-The Ukrainain Security Service is checking information on the possible assassination of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

On Thursday, ex-mayor Nikolay Melnichenko, famous for recording conversations of ex-President Leonid Kuchma and his entourage, said that certain political forces are developing a "scenario for resolving the present political crisis and maintain the power".

According to him, one possible scenario is to force an assassination attempt on Yushchenko or Tymoshenko.
Furthermore Melnichenko made a suggestion about who might attempt to develop the plot.

"One of them (one of those who could be involved) I believe to be the head of the presidential administration, Viktor Baloga" - said Melnichenko.

He finally added that he has at his disposal a lot of evidence, "which indicate that Baloga systematically violated the Criminal Code."

Read it also on Ria Novosti


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