Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Organizers of the IBF reply to Tariq Ramadan

"Egypt? What are you talking about, Prof. Ramadan?" is more or less the reply of the organizers of the International Book Fair of Turin to Tariq Ramadan, who, a few days ago, said that Egypt and not Israel was the original choice of the IBF.

Rolando Picchioni and Ernesto Ferrero, President and Director of the IBF, have written an open letter to Ramadan clarifying that "inviting Israel is to invite its writers, its scientists, its musicians, its artists...the true guest of honour is the free culture of Israel".

In the meantime, the opposition to the unlikely boycott of Israel is growing stronger all the time, with Igor Man, Marek Alter, Enzo Bianchi, Nanni Moretti and the European Jewish Congress confirming their support for Israel.


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