Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks for trying, Jimmy!

21 / 04 / 2008

Our hopes today at 12.52: Carter: Hamas willing to accept Israel as neighbor (Ynet)

Our hopes dashed at 15.09: Islamic Jihad refuses Carter's proposals

Gaza Ma'an – The Islamic Jihad movement on Monday reiterated their rejection of any referendum related to "inalienable Palestinian principles," as has been proposed by former US president Jimmy Carter.

The movement's senior leader Sheikh Khalid Al-Batsh said that such declarations reflect "Arab weakness" and that "the international community is siding with Israel." He said the movement refused any form of appeasement or a referendum as put forward by Carter.

"Negotiations reflect the international attitudes and at this stage, given the current attitudes, the results of those negotiations will be completely pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian. So, the time is not ripe for talking about a referendum which will ask the Palestinian people about negotiations. We view such a referendum as a the start of giving up the right of repatriation and the right to any part of Jerusalem," Al-Batsh explained.

With regards to a ceasefire, he said it should be comprehensive, simultaneous and bilateral in all the Palestinian territories. It should also include breaking the blockade on the Gaza Strip as well as the reopening of border crossings.


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