Monday, April 21, 2008

Hamas vows "harsh" attacks on Israel, previous attacks were "practice"

(Gaza-April 21, 2008)--A Hamas spokesman says the Islamic militant group will carry out harsher attacks on Israeli crossings — worse than recent ones that killed five Israelis.
The militant, Abu Jandal, told a newspaper linked to Hamas on Monday that previous attacks on Gaza-Israel crossings Israel were just "practice."

Two Israeli civilians and three soldiers have been killed in recent attacks. Israeli army responses in Gaza have killed more than 20 Palestinians.
Abu Jandal described the recent attacks as "a walk in the park" and said upcoming attacks would be harsher.

The Hamas threats came as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was saying Hamas would be prepared to live next to Israel in peace in the framework of a Palestinian state. (IHT)

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